Bloomin' Bologna Burnt Ends

Bloomin’ Bologna Burnt Ends: Sweet and Spicy

- 1 5 lb. bologna Chub

- Olive Oil

- Full Boar BBQ Classic Campfire Rub or favorite BBQ rub

- Full Boar BBQ Classic Campfire Sauce or favoirte Sweet BBQ sauce

- Full Boar BBQ Bonfire Sweet Heat Rub or favorite spicy BBQ Rub

- Full Boar BBQ Bonfire Sweet Heat Sauce or favorite spicy BBQ Sauce

- 2 smoking wood chunks about 1.5-2 inches in size


- Preheat smoker to 350 degrees.

- Cut the heel off of the bologna if there is one before cutting the chub into 2 even 2-2 ½ lb. chubs. Laying the bologna on the flat side in front of you take a knife and make 4 evenly space cuts from the top down leaving about ¾ inch to an inch uncut on the bottom to keep intact. Turn the bologna 180 degrees and make the same cuts perpendicular to the first. Repeat process for both pieces.

- Rub the bologna with olive oil working it into the cuts and well around the entire rim and edge. On the first piece use your Full Boar BBQ Classic Campfire Rub to cover with a good layer of spice making sure to work some down into the cuts. Repeat for the second with the Full Boar BBQ Bonfire Sweet Heat Rub.

- You can do this next part right on the smoking rack but I prefer to use a metal cooling rack. Place the wood chunks on the cooling rack. Place the bologna chubs on top of the wood chunks so that they are centered causing the bologna to start to “bloom.” They will expand and get the look we are after as they cook in the smoker.

 - Place the chubs in the smoker for about 40-45 minutes or until you have a nice almost burnt/ charred  look on the ends of the bologna. At this point take your Full Boar BBQ Classic Campfire Sauce and Full Boar BBQ Bonfire Sweet Heat Sauce and, matching them with their respective rub, pour a light glaze of sauce on the bologna. Turning your smoker up to 400 degrees replace the bologna and let that glaze set in for another 20-25 minutes or until it sets up nice and sticky!

- Serve immediately. This goes great with our pimento cheese, bonfire sweet heat pickles, French bread or cracker, and pickled red onions recipes!

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