The Full Boar Grand Champion Pork Butt

The Full Boar Grand Champion Pork Butt 

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- 1 8-10 lb. Pork Butt

- Plain yellow mustard

- 1 12 oz Sprite

- Roll of aluminum foil

- One deep foil pan big enough to fit the butt in without touching the sides

- 2-3 tablespoons Full Boar BBQ Garden, Barn, and River Rub

- 2-3 tablespoons Full Boar BBQ Classic Campfire BBQ Rub

- 2-3 tablespoons Full Boar BBQ Bonfire Sweet Heat Spicy BBQ Rub

- For Serving- Full Boar BBQ 17th and Vine Kansas City BBQ Sauce (Our Suggestion)


Full Boar BBQ Bonfire Sweet Heat Spicy BBQ Sauce

Full Boar BBQ Classic Campfire Classic BBQ Sauce


- Preheat your smoker to 250 degrees- For this cook I am using the Masterbuilt Digital Charcoal Series closet smoker. This recipe will work with any smoker.

- To preheat this smoker follow the Masterbuilt instructions. I used Masterbuilt’s lump charcoal in order to keep the ash level low and get maximum flavor along with a few cherry wood chunks. I also used Masterbuilt’s fire starters in order to make startup sup simple. Follow the pictures below.

- While the smoker is warming up and smoke is becoming clear and blue, prep your pork butt. Start by cutting off the plastic, patting dry with paper towels. I take the smoker rack and put it over the sink for these next couple steps to cut down on clean up.

- Once the butt is relatively dry we will need to add a binder. In my opinion plain yellow mustard works the best. You will not taste the mustard on the final product it is simply to bind the rub to the meat and create a nice bark. Just a light layer will do. Another clean tip is to figure out which side you want up or down (I am not going to argue this point, I put the fat towards the heat source which in this case is down but do whatever you want). Rub with mustard the side you want to be down in the end first along with all the edges.

- First take the Full Boar BBQ Garden, Barn, and River Rub and relatively heavily layer the whole thing. Follow this up with a 50/50 blend of the Full Boar BBQ Classic Campfire BBQ Rub and  Full Boar BBQ Bonfire Sweet Heat Spicy BBQ Rub until well covered.

- Leave this side turned up for 10 minutes or so while the rub sets. You are looking for that nice wet look on the rub to tell you that you can turn it over without losing all your flavoring. Once this is done flip the butt and rub with mustard and a generous layer of the rubs.

- Once the rubs are set it is time to transfer to your pre-heated smoker.

- You want to give yourself an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes per pound of the pork butt.

- You do not need to but I think adding a few more wood chunks to the smoker 3 hours in or so helps add to the bark.

- For the next step we are not necessarily looking for a time or temp but a look. To get as technical as possible it will be about 6 hours or more in usually or when the butt is around 140-160 degrees. The meat will take on this nice dark mahogany look and that is what we are looking for, a nice bark. This is when it is time to wrap.

- At this time take your foil pan and your Sprite and pour about half of the Sprite into the bottom of the pan or about a quarter inch full. Place the butt, fat side down, into the pan. Take your foil and cover the pan tightly before returning everything to the smoker. If you are using a permanent temperature probe this would be the time to place it into the meatiest portion of the pork butt.

- From here again you are looking for a feel more so than a temperature but I find once the butt is between 203-205 degrees it is ready to go. The way I make this measure is by using a thermapen and just probing the meat looking for that smooth butter feel that means the heat has broken down all of the tendons inside.

- Once the meat reaches this stage we want to rest it for just a bit but the great thing is that it is already in a container that is perfect for resting, serving, and even storing if that is your plan. Let the meat sit at room temperature with the foil still on but loosened for 20-30 minutes.

- After the short rest shred the meat. I do this most effectively by using some rubber bbq gloves and just breaking it down. If this is at all difficult to do then your pork butt was not done. The most common mistake in pork is pulling a pork butt off too early. That is what happens when you cook to a temp instead of a feel. You could also use shredding claws or a couple of forks.

- Once the meat is shredded it is time to serve! My serving suggestion is just a classic bun along with your Full Boar BBQ 17th and Vine Kansas City BBQ Sauce. I also like to top the sandwich with a nice creamy coleslaw (find that recipe in my Mississippi Ribeye Sandwich recipe).

- If saving for later just wrap the pan back up in foil. When ready to serve preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Take a stick of butter and cut into quarter inch pads and scatter all around the top before wrapping with foil again and putting in the oven for 45 minute to an hour.

- ENJOY!!!

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