Texas Style Smoked Turkey Breast Recipe

Texas Style Smoked Turkey Breast

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- 2/ 2-4 lb boneless, skinless turkey breasts

- 1 stick of unsalted butter

- Aluminum foil

- Full Boar BBQ “The Black Label” Steak and Chop Rub



- Preheat your smoker to 225 degrees

- Unpackage turkey breast and trim any obvious excess fat or gristle off that may be hanging on. If you bought skin-on breasts also remove that in this step until you have a nicely shaped, pure turkey breast. Once trimmed pat them dry with a paper towel.

- Seasoning the bottom side first, give the breasts a good layer of Full Boar BBQ “The Black Label” Steak and Chop Rub, let soak in for 3-5 minutes, then flip and do the other side making sure there is a good layer covering the entire piece.

- Place the breasts directly on the smoking rack and smoke at 225 degrees for 1.5-2 hours depending on the size of the breasts. This should get them right around 125-140 degrees internally.

- Once they reach this point, and have a nice bark layer built it is time to wrap them. To keep them nice and moist, and to add fat to a pretty lean cut we are going to use the magic weapon of butter.

- Lay out a piece of foil big enough to wrap the entire breast with no openings. Place 3-4 pads of unsalted butter in the middle of the foil and place the breast, top side down right on top of the butter. Add 3-4 more pads of butter on top of the upside-down breasts and wrap tightly in the foil.

- Return the breasts to the smoker with the top side down and continue cooking at 225. At this point I will usually put a permanent probe in the smaller of the two breasts and set an alarm or watch it closely until the breasts are 162-163 internally.

- Once at temperature remove the breasts from the smoker but keep them wrapped. They will need to cook themselves up to 165 internal. This will happen during a 10, or I prefer 20, minute resting period.

- Then it is time to unwrap and enjoy! Slice these as thin or thick as you like. A helpful hint is to save the juices in the foil and pour them over the slices when servicing immediately.

- Add in any of our award winning BBQ Sauces to this recipe to take it over the top!

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Any tips for smoking a whole bird? Spatchcock it?

Omar October 29, 2021

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