Swineapple Recipe

Swineapple Recipe:

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- 1 whole ripened pineapple

- Thick cut bacon- around 20 individual slices

- 1 bottle Frank’s RedHot buffalo wing sauce

- 4-5 small boneless pork chops about a half inch thick

- 8 oz. block Monterey jack cheese

- 2 jalepenos seeded, halved, and top and bottom removed

- 1 part Full Boar BBQ Classic Campfire Rub (half and half mix to season pork chops)

- 1 Part Full Boar BBQ Bonfire Sweet Heat Rub (half and half mix to season pork chops)


Kitchen Items:

- sharp chefs knife

- paring knife

- kitchen twine

- bradley rack or oven safe cooling rack

- parchment paper

- bamboo skewers




Bacon Weave:

- Place bacon slices in a bowl with a lid and pour buffalo sauce over them. make sure slices are covered and marinate in the fridge overnight.

- Lay out ten strips of bacon side to side. Do this on a piece of parchment paper so you can pick it up and move it around. Pull down the end of every other strip and lay in another bacon slice perpendicular to the rest. Fold ends back over the piece you just laid down. Fold up the opposite slices then lay down another piece in the gap creating the weave. Continue this process keeping the slices as tightly together as possible creating a basket-like weave.


Tip: leave about the width of a bacon slice on the end so that you can fold the end over and lock in the end pieces of the weave. For a cleaner look measure the weave with the pineapple it will cover and cut down the length of the bacon slices to match.


Pineapple Prep:

- Hold the pineapple parallel to the board you are working on. Slice off the top about an inch down from the leaves and set the top aside for later use.

- Using a spoon and paring knife, or honestly whatever is easiest for you, and leaving an inch or less of pineapple meat around the edge, hollow out the pineapple all the way to the bottom leaving a half inch to an inch of pineapple meat on the bottom.

- Let the pineapple sit for at least a half hour sitting upright letting juice pool up. Pour out and save this to baste the pineapple while smoking.

- While waiting for the pineapple to pool season pork chops with Full boar BBQ Rubs, prep jalapenos, and cut cheese block in half.

- Line the inside of the pineapple with pork chops. Get as many in as possible leaving enough space for the middle cheese and jalapeno stuffing.

- Take one of the cheese block halves and wrap in the jalapeño and insert this into the very middle of the pineapple.

- Once the pineapple is stuffed cut off the outside shell being careful to keep the pineapple intact but getting all the inedible pieces off.

- Line the pineapple up with the bacon weave and using the parchment paper as a sort of sushi type roller, roll the bacon weave around the pineapple. Before removing the parchment paper lay out six pieces of kitchen twine about an inch apart. Being very careful to keep the bacon weave intact lay the pineapple on the strings and tie them around the whole thing to keep the weave in place.

- Take the pineapple top that was set aside and, standing the pineapple up, put it back on the top to seal up the end. Using about six bamboo skewers secure the top to the pineapple.


Cooking process:

- Preheat your cooker to 225 degrees (I prefer to use a pellet smoker but any grill or smoker works. Recipe can be made in the oven too but make sure to put a foil pan underneath or you will have a mess on your hands.)

- Placing the pineapple horizontally on the Bradley rack or cooling rack cook for around 6 ½ hours or until internal temp of pork chops inside are 140 degrees.

- About every hour to 90 minutes baste the bacon weave with pineapple juice saved from prep process.

- At this time crank the cooker up to 350 degrees to crisp up the bacon even more. Cook for about another half hour or until internal temp is 145-150 degrees.

- Pull off the smoker and let sit for 10-20 minutes.

- Pull out the skewers and remove top.

- Slice carefully between the strings and serve!

- Add in any of our award winning BBQ Sauces to make it memorable!

Full Boar BBQ 17th and Vine Kansas City BBQ Sauce

Full Boar BBQ Bonfire Sweet Heat Spicy BBQ Sauce

Full Boar BBQ Classic Campfire Classic BBQ Sauce

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This looks absolutely phenomenal and delicious. It seems like a lot of work but the outcome also to you too well with it. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Chuck Thibault October 29, 2021

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