Classic Smoked Salmon

Classic Smoked Salmon- Full Boar Style 


- 1 full salmon filet, this one is around 3 lb. (Can certainly substitute for already portioned filet pieces, the recipe works the same just scale for the amount of fish you have)

- 3 lemons

- 1 bunch of fresh dill

- 2 tbsp of brown sugar (I created this recipe low carb style and substituted real brown sugar for Swerve brown sugar replacement)

- Olive Oil TIP: for ease of application use olive oil in a spray can

- Aluminum Foil

Full Boar BBQ Products:

Full Boar BBQ- All Purpose Garden, Barn, and River Rub

Full Boar BBQ Bourbon Street Cajun- Cajun Seasoning

- I suggest a dipping sauce to go with this and the perfect pairing is our Full Boar BBQ- 17th and Vine Kansas City BBQ Sauce



- Preheat your smoker or cooker to 225 while getting your fish prepared. (This recipe can be done in the oven, Just roast the Salmon at 300 for a half hour to an hour to an internal temp of 145 on a baking sheet and follow all other instructions)

- First I like to rinse these large pieces of fish off under the sink. Often when they are being prepared at the store scales will lodge themselves on the fish. We want to get rid of all of those. Pat dry with paper towels when done. 

- We want to start by slicing our three lemons into quarter inch rounds.

- After that lay your salmon, skin side up, on the board in front of you. If you have the spray olive oil spray the skin lightly or rub lightly with olive oil. Then take your shaker of Full Boar BBQ- All Purpose Garden, Barn, and River Rub and generously season the skin.

- Flip the fish over and repeat this for the meat side following it up with a healthy layer of Full Boar BBQ Bourbon Street Cajun- Cajun Seasoning

- After seasoning, lay out your aluminum foil in a piece big enough to hold your fish as well as fold the edge up to create a sort of boat to contain any liquids from dripping during cooking. 

- On the foil lay out lemon rounds in a kind of diagonal pattern that your filet can rest on. Between the lemons, break up some of the fresh dill and place it randomly.

- Place the salmon filet directly on top of these lemon pieces. 

- Once placed, sprinkle the brown sugar or sugar replacement all over the meat

- On top of the sugar repeat what we did on the bottom side on the top with the lemons and dill. This is now ready to move to the smoker or cooker.

TIP: Fold up the edges of the foil to contain liquid from dripping

- Cooking times will vary by the size of your fish. This 3 lb. filet took about an hour and a half at 225. We are really looking more for an internal temp and a look than anything. Internal temp for salmon is 145 although I do prefer mine a bit under that. We are also looking for a nice sort of crust to have formed. When the salmon is done it will also emit a bit of a white liquid in random spots. Do not fear, this is just some of the delicious marbling rendering in the fish, the more of this you see, the better the marbling was on your cut of fish!

- Once the fish is done let rest on the counter for 5-10 minutes TIP: if you want to hit exactly 145 pull the fish off at about 137-138 and it will cook the rest of the way during it's 10 minute rest.

- Slice and serve with our Full Boar BBQ- 17th and Vine Kansas City BBQ Sauce Enjoy!

TIP: For crispy skin I often take my sliced filet pieces and put them into a screaming hot cast iron skillet with oil for 30-45 second to get that nice crunch we love on the bottom.


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